The Buzzword

‘Mindfulness is the buzzword that keeps popping up of late on the covers of books and in conversation. This year we will live consciously and wholeheartedly in the present. Now we will really engage with the person we’re standing in front of and savour every bite of our dinner.’                                                                                  Sunday Times

We’re a quarter of the way through 2015 and have we remembered even one of these two things? Food is what nurtures and sustains us, yet we treat it with casualness – while we’re eating we read, watch tv, write our to-do lists. Group members  were invited to eat an apple slowly, seeing it, smelling it and tasting it. Here are some of the things they found:

It was the most delicious apple I had ever tasted.

I felt mesmerised   by the smoothness of the outside and all the different colours of the skin.

I felt surprisingly full after finishing one apple. Do you think this would help people to slim? Perhaps when you really eat mindfully, you would eat less.

I noticed the peace in the room – just the sound of people chewing. I also realised that I usually rush through my food. I suppose I think other things are more important.

I asked the group to set aside  one meal a day when they just ate. They were encouraged to taste each mouthful, also to be aware of texture, appearance and smell. (Chapt 1: Awareness)

Why not try it for yourself? What did you find?

Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself always.

The full book can be downloaded as an e-book from Amazon on  or, Search by typing in: Living in the Now by Jill Jacques 


About Jill M Jacques

I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and have spent most of my life here doing the usual things - marrying, having children and caring for an array of pets ranging from dogs to silkworms and chameleons. I first became interested in philosphy and its practical application in everyday life in my early 20s and spent many years as part of a group that pursued this goal. Drawing on this experience, I have been running "How to live in the Now" programmes for over 10 years. I wrote this book in response to requests from group members for something "simple and practical". I tend to see the funny side of life situations and enjoy writing humorous back pages as well as short stories and some poetry. Some of these have been published. Being here now is what really matters.
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