The Shower I Didn’t Have

As part of my Living in the Now course, I ask each group to choose together any daily activity, eg a shower/bath, to use as a practice for using their senses to come into the now.

This morning as I reached for my towel after a shower, I realized I had been ‘absent’ for the duration of the shower! I don’t remember where I was (planning my breakfast, composing a shopping list, thinking about yesterday’s conversation with a friend??), but I had washed myself on auto-pilot. I hadn’t smelt the fragrance of the soap nor felt the soothing wonder of warm water washing over me. No present moment awareness whatsoever!  Because I have to be careful taking down the towel so a not to hook it on a metal projection, that woke me up.

How sad that we spend so much time in a state of ‘waking sleep’ (Chapt 1, Living in the Now by Jill Jacques, on Amazon) that we miss what’s happening right here, right now – all the beauty and wonders of creation laid out before us. And the pleasure of a hot shower rather than random thoughts about past and future!!

Be here now, rather than there then.

We miss so much of the present moment


About Jill M Jacques

I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and have spent most of my life here doing the usual things - marrying, having children and caring for an array of pets ranging from dogs to silkworms and chameleons. I first became interested in philosphy and its practical application in everyday life in my early 20s and spent many years as part of a group that pursued this goal. Drawing on this experience, I have been running "How to live in the Now" programmes for over 10 years. I wrote this book in response to requests from group members for something "simple and practical". I tend to see the funny side of life situations and enjoy writing humorous back pages as well as short stories and some poetry. Some of these have been published. Being here now is what really matters.
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